Women's Fellowship


The aim of women's fellowship is to strengthen christian women with one another and with Jesus Christ so that the life of each member may be enriched and that all working together may joyfully serve Jesus Christ and His church.


Mbaa kuw no botae nye dyƐ obeƐkeka Christianfo mbaa a wƆwƆ mbew yi do nyina abobƆ mu wƆ fekuwbƆ nye Jesus Christ mu. Ama ankoranko biara no sunsum mu abrabƆ aye prƆmprƆmNa hen nyina yebƆm yƐ edwuma ntsi yƐdze dƐw asom Jesus Christ n asƆr.

Women's Fellowship

The Promises:

  • To obey Jesus Christ
  • To make their home a Christian home
  • To be loyal to the women fellowship
  • To take part in some definite Christian service

MobƆ Anohoba dƐ:

  • MebƐye setsie ama Jesus Christ

  • MebƐye mefie Christianyi ne fie

  • Mebedzi nokwar ama mbaa kuw yi

  • Mobosuo Christ no som no mu yie bƐ mbrƐ osƐ

Executive Meetings are held monthly at the same venue an hour before the general meeting.

Date of Inauguration

April 2004

Date and Place of Meeting

4th Saturday of every month at Methodist Central Hall, Westminster (Emmanuel Room)

Contact Persons

Millicent Acquah



Phone No.


Theresa Munford